About Blackhall Osteoapthy Edinburgh

I’m Daniel Savage. I have been in practice as an Osteopath since July 2000 which which makes it 24 years this year! I graduated with a BSc in Osteopathy from The European School Of Osteopathy and set up my own successful clinic in Biggin Hill, Kent. In September 2005 relocated to Edinburgh to be nearer to family in the Scottish Borders.

Since moving to Edinburgh I have practiced Osteopathy in several clinics including Napiers in Bristo Square, Neal’s Yard in Hanover Street, Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery in Dalkeith Road as well my own practice in Comely Bank. I established a clinic in Blackhall in July 2011 and have been practicing full time here for the past 10 years.

As a result of my clinical experiences I tend to use a mixture of treatment approaches. All patients are different so treatments are tailored to the individual whether using a so called structural approach or cranial osteopathy or a combination of both. Everything within a treatment is discussed with you and agreed beforehand. I will also give advice on things such as lifestyle changes and changing day to day habits which may help to resolve your symptoms.

All Osteopathic treatment is safe gentle and effective, and is aimed at supporting and encouraging the body’s health and own self-healing capabilities. It is appropriate for all ages, from the elderly to pregnant mothers newborns.

I look forward to helping you on your path to healing!